1. Teach a Little
Focus on the most important highlights. Deliver them quickly. Reduce content to the few items that make the most significant difference. Deliver them in the first twenty minutes.

2. Explain Why it Helps Them
Tell the audience why knowing these things will help them. Focus on the value to them personally.

3. Build Retention through Application
Unused knowledge has a shelf-life of about five days. Teach what can be applied immediately. Offer digital material they can reference later.

4. Assume No One will Remember Facts
Don’t seek memorization. Use facts and figures to support stories. Do not expect anyone to remember the dry data. People remember stories.

5. Solicit Feedback and Adjust
No different than product development, the audience may need something other than what anyone realized upfront. The only way to know is to try, solicit feedback, and adjust according to what they need. Often, if you listen carefully, people will tell you what they need.